Fairholme House is committed to providing an excellent service to our residents and their families. This is best achieved by staff who enjoy and take pride in their work.

1.      In caring for each resident, we will keep a clear focus on their needs and wishes and be guided by these fundamental principles.

  • Respect for each individual and his/her personal background and culture.
  • Enabling residents to continue their chosen lifestyle.
  • Offering individual residents opportunities for new friendships and experiences within the community of the home.
  • Listening and responding to the views and comments of residents, relatives and friends.
  • Providing care that is discreet, sensitive and appropriate to the needs of each resident.
  • Giving residents real say in the running of the home.

2.      Each member of staff will understand and share these principles and values.

3.      All care practices will be based on these principles and we will constantly seek to improve them.

4.      The building will be managed and maintained to a high standard reflecting our commitment to excellent service.

5.      We will only recruit staff who share our values and who can demonstrate their commitment to excellent care.

6.      Each staff member has a duty to produce work of a high standard at all times and the right to expect this from their colleagues.


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